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Joeriusyo Genma! this is interesting! haha glad you doing something that you love as your job too! envy you!
Genmaonline games lor.
Joeriushaha working here...been living here for the past 1 yr plus, was in china before that. what games?
GenmaSingapore lor, doing games now. haha. why are u in India?
Joeriusoh my! haha and how are you doing?! and where you now?
Genma22 July 2009, of coz I'm around!! lol
Joeriuswahaha..hello human! its been a long long time!
humanyes! I'm still coming here!
Joeriuscouldn't believe more then 10 years down the road, i am typing this over in India! haha miss TJC!
JoeriusGenma, my old fren! you around?
JoeriusI can't believe it! this website is still in use? haha been so many years!! Anyone here?
Joerius11th July 2009
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