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Realise how often it is that we lose touch or cease to contact with friends from our JC life? It is sad that friendship bonds created in the time-span of two years seldom live on, as we get separated by time and space. Thus, with the belief that such treasured relationships should not fizzle away like that, I have made use of cyberspace, and have created this site, TJCians on the Net.

Aims of this Site  
This site is meant to be a community center for TJCians. The database keeps track of students' contacts, and the graffiti book lets the users post messages. The ultimate aim would be to let you find your JC friends online, easily.

Important Points to Note  
  • DO NOT create mass mail using the email list on this site.
  • If you do receive any mass mail which you suspect is originated from this list, don't hesitate to inform me. Include in the email the sender's name and email address, and the email list that the sender used. I'll pulverize the bugger... :b
  • Not all entries have been authenticated (there may be mistakes)
  • Upon receiving new entries, permission is assumed to be given to put up the entry on the site
  • Be tactful in your words when writing on Graffiti, because EVERYONE can see what you write!
Frequently Asked Questions  
Q. I'm a TJCian, how do I get myself registered with the website?
A. Submit your particulars via Join TJCians on the Net.

Q. I've got this cool MIDI and I think its suitable for this site. Can you put it up?
A. Yes. Just email your MIDI files to me if they are not too big, and I'll see if its suitable for this website. Otherwise, if you think of a song thats unearthly cool, tell me. I might just have it on my HDD. :)

Q. Isn't there a better way to find my friend than browsing through the whole database?
A. You can make use of the "filter" field when browsing. Just type in part of your friend's name and browse, and it will display all entries containing what you keyed in.

Q. How do I view all entries of a certain CG or Intake Year?
A. Again, under the "filter" when browsing, put the CG (eg. "01/95"), or Intake Year (eg. "/95") as the search string. Which means, if you want to find all students from 01/XX, just key in "01/" in the filter field.

Q. What the heck is this thing about Nicks and Passwords in Graffiti?
A. For security reasons, only those verified will be given access to write on these 2 boards. If your name is already in the database but have not registered a nick, go to the Nick Submission Form to register your nick. For new users, the Join TJCians on the Net form will require you to register your nick, so you need not register your nick separately. :)

Q. I'm an old user and I can't submit my nick! It says that my name cannot be located!
A. There's probably an error in keying in your name or cg. Check that you got your name typed in exactly as in the database. One common error is that you've keyed in an extra space in your name. Try hi-lighting your name in the database to check. If there is an extra space, inform me to delete the space.

Q. I've submitted my nick, why is it that I still can't use Graffiti?
A. You might not have verified your nick yet. Make sure you get your nick verified using the Nick Verification Form with your password.

Q. I've submitted my nick, but I haven't gotten my password!!
A. Check your mailbox again. If u still haven't got the email, check your entry in the database. Your email address might have been keyed wrongly.

Q. Why is it that the fonts on the Graffiti Book look all the same??
A. You probably do not have the fonts supported on the webpage. You can try to search for the fonts online and install them into your system.

Q. Hey, why is the site down?
A. The server might be down once a month or so for maintenance. You will not be able to access this website during this very short period.

Q. I keep getting this message, "Internal Server Error" when I try to load a page!
A. Probably a mistake in my scripts!! Email me immediately if you encounter this, stating what you had invoked or submitted.

Q. Who wrote all these pages?!?!?!
A. Who am I? Just a nobody from nowhere.. don't bother about who wrote all these! Who cares?!??

Q. Do you frequent IRC?
A. Not actually, but you can try finding Genma on IRC (#temasekjc at galaxynet).

Q. Do you have an ICQ account?
A. Yes, my ICQ number is 5744626. Please identify yourself if you decide to add me to your list.

Q. I've got complaints!! This email/link isn't working!
A. Just email to me about it.. I'll see to it.

Last Words...  
This mini-project was launched in July 1997, and a lot of inertia was expected. Now, I believe it has kicked off, almost reaching the 50,000 hits mark. Do continue giving it your fullest support by actively participating in the graffiti book, and telling all your friends from TJC about this site.
Thank You, and enjoy the site!

Disclaimer and Privacy Statement
TJCians on the Net will never sell the information on this website to any parties without specific consent from the users. No responsibility is assumed for the contents of the website. Spamming of members is strictly prohibited.