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What is IRC?
No.. IRC doesn't stand for Intellectually Retarded Coconuts!!! (I'm serious y'know..) Some people claimed that it stood for Internet Relay Chat.. why? I'm not sure.. but I was really quite certain that it's history had something to do with coconuts.. oh well.. *sigh*

So I know what it stands for, can I eat it?

What's #temasekjc? How did it come about?
Long long ago.. (in 1995) there was a channel called #tjc. (Rumour has it that it was set up by someone with the nick "Quake"...) That was the only TJ-related irc channel available - no op was ever present. Thus, a few irc freaks from the /95 batch decided to set up a new channel for TJ, and called it #temasekjc. At the same time, another channel called #teejaysee emerged. Unfortunately, it didn't last for long. :P

In 1999 (or 98?), #temasekjc was "unregistered" from Galaxynet due to the absence of the channel owner for a period of time. (NS commitments perhaps?) The /98 batch then re-registered #temasekjc and became the new channel owners.

Now, there's #temasekjc and a new channel, #TJC on Galaxynet. I'm not really sure of who's in charge of #TJC now..

What's this page about anyway? How come so short??
Under construction la..

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