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Updates and Changes on 10/04/2003  
  • Website moved to
  • No need to verify password
  • MP3s may be coming back soon!
Major Updates and Changes on 11/01/2000  
  • There used to be a statistics generator for the database. I've taken it out, as some people had submitted the names of everyone in their CG and with a common email address. That's not what this site is intended for.
  • You CANNOT bookmark any page on TJCians on the Net that has the .cgi extension! It will return an error if you try to access it from your bookmarks. Do bookmark the main page instead, as the other pages are also subject to changes.
  • IRC Java link temporarily unavailable.
  • You cannot see everyone's email at a glance anymore. This is meant to protect the site's emails from easy spamming. If you want to know a particular person's email address, you'll have to click on 'Email' and a small window with his/her email will be displayed.
  • MIDI Jukebox has been removed.. doesn't seem to serve much purpose except for occupying server space.. ;b
  • Fewer graphics (but larger?) this time round.
  • No.. the guy you see on every page is not a titan.. he's not made of stone or marble or whatever..
  • This site was actually ready on 30/5/1999, but I only got on my butt to work at it now..
  • Long time no changes to the site eh? I've just redecorated the site.. old format getting stale.
Updates on 07/04/98  
  • Major revamp done!
  • The graffiti and news page have all been revamped for more efficient viewing.
  • All new database functions. You can now sort the data, search more efficiently, and choose to view look at the latest entries in the database.
  • New fields included in the database! You can add in your ICQ and PDPs (max 3)
  • All new users are required to register a nick with us. For old users, please use the nick submission form.
  • With your registered nick, you can then modify your user particulars. Look under "Database".
Updates on 27/02/98  
  • Chatroom changed. It now connected directly to the Galaxynet IRC Server, and to #temasekjc.
  • Chatroom and Jukebox has been added to the main selection banner/menu.
  • Many have been asking me when the PDP/ICQ features will be up. It'll take a few more weeks, because my own HDD is threatening suicide.. further revamps include : archiving of Graffiti/News entries, different sections under News (e.g. Announcements, Comments, Discussions, Gatherings, etc...) and all new users will have to register a nick and obtain a password. (it is optional currently) Anything to add??
Updates on 04/02/98  
  • I've removed a portion of the graffiti board. They will be back after I complete the archiving scripts. Now the page can load faster :)
Updates on 17/12/97  
  • Link to #temasekjc chatroom is set up, but I'm still testing with it. Try it out here!
Updates on 06/12/97  
  • Updated the links page.
  • Several new songs in MIDI Jukebox.
Updates on 29/11/97  
  • Added 2 image menu maps in the page headers. Should be more convenient for you all?
  • New colour selection in Graffiti Board.
  • New font selection in Graffiti Board.
Updates on 22/11/97  
  • Major revamp. The website was given a new dress to wear. How does it look?
  • New selection of fonts in Graffiti Board! See if u want anymore fonts.. just tell me.
  • Added the preview button in Graffiti Board. You can now see how your submitted text looks like when up on the website.
Updates on 16/11/97  
  • The News Board is up! It is something like the Graffiti Board where you can write in, but this is meant for more serious talk and announcements. Please try it out.
  • Added some more MIDIs on the Jukebox.
Updates on 09/11/97  
  • Added the MIDI Jukebox. Now you can have uninterrupted MIDI background music as you browse thru the pages here. You also have a selection of songs to choose from. Email me if you want to listen to other songs (I could have it)
  • The Graffiti Board is up and running! You now can register your nick and scrawl on the board for all to see.
  • TJCians On The Net is finally settling down on its new server. Loading time might slow down at certain times, please bear with it, coz this site is constantly being upgraded.
  • I need all fellow TJCians to keep a watch for fake entries on this site. I have no way of verifying their identities, so I will be depending on your coorperation.
  • I need comments and suggestions! This site is meant for you all, and it'd be best that I hear what you want from you. Tell me your ideas and complaints, I'd be happy to hear them out. 8-)
  • Due to the numerous changes underway, some errors in the list might occur. Please let me know if you notice any mistakes.
Updates on 01/11/97  
  • No more TJCians on the Net on Cyberway.. we've just moved to another server in the US!
  • Everything becomes automated, new users can be registered instantly.
Updates on 25/07/97  
  • TJCians on the Net is born!!!
  • The website is residing on Cyberway and everything is manually updated.
  • After the first week, the website had just less than 50 registered users.

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